Advantage provides siding that is versatile and provides an infinite variety of architectural styles. From traditional Colonial to ground breaking Contemporary, we are sure to have a style that best fits your needs and taste. Our siding is perfectly straight and has a deeply shadowed shape and hand-milled cedar finish for a powerful curb appeal. It also comes in a variety of colors.

When it comes to performance, we provide siding that has moisture management ridges that provide space for ventilation, is maintenance free – it requires no painting. The siding absorbs and reflects heat; and is quiet – it reduces noise by up to 45%. Our siding is resistant to up to 160m mph wind. And looks – it is designed with a clean hand-milled cedar grain look.




We offer two distinct types of corner systems: a 3-Piece Corner System and 5.5″ Corner Post. The corners have a natural smooth look and feel, is 300% more impact resistant than ordinary trim, is quiet – reduces noise by up to 45%, and is available in up to 17 colors.


Our decorative trims are the finishing touches that make a strong design statement and can set the tone of your entire exterior design. We have mold trim, crown molding and finish board. The trim has a natural smooth look and feel and is available in up to 17 colors.

In addition to keeping the wind from seeping in around doors and windows; they can match or provide a beautiful contrast to your exterior. The window and door trim provides the finishing touch for a great exterior design. Like the corners and decorative trim, our window and door trim has a natural smooth look and feel and is available in up to 17 colors.


Corners – Decorative Trim – Window – Door Trim

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